Connect with our YEG Social Director Liana, through her "Meet Up" group "The Plant Based Passionate People"

Edmonton Folks, are you interested in following a healthy vegan Whole Food Plant Based diet but don't know where to start and don't have a network of people to support you? Look no further then! Let's get together at vegan joints and chat! Let's support each other in our journey of being healthy, wanting what's best for our planet, and having compassion for animals.



Connect in YYC with Fork Smart

Calgary Folks, meet up to share a Whole Food Plant Based meal with others on this journey.  On the 12th of every month, Fork Smart hosts an Oil-free Whole Plant Based Potluck and Meal Exchange.

For more details visit https://forksmart.org/events/ 


Fork Smart has announced

Dr. Michael Greger March 11, 2020

Dr. Colin Campbell June 6, 2020

Early Bird Tickets are on sale now


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