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We exists to support Albertans, where they are, in their transition to a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating. We are here to build connections between members as well as any Albertan company, organization or service that can enhance the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. We want to see more Albertans living their best life through healthy lifestyle choices. Our goal is to share evidence based information with our members and the general public about the benefits of eating Whole Food Plant Based. 


We are not for profit. Our application for official Non Profit Society status was filled with the Government of Alberta in April 2019. We received our Non Profit designation in September October 2019. Anything you see us doing is being fueled by Volunteers, Donations and Fundraisers. 

We have a small board of volunteers who organize meets up and community events as well as moderate our Facebook Page and this Website. 


A copy of our By Laws is here.

We adhere to the following definition of Whole Food Plant Based:

95-100% of calories from Whole and Minimally Processed Fruits, Vegetables,
Grains, Legumes, Greens, Berries, Beans, Seeds, Mushrooms and Nuts. 

While some people may have medical reasons or personal reasons to omit the following,
these are WFPB: Gluten, Minimally Processed Soy, Cooked Foods, Nightshades, Whole
Grain Pasta & Bread.
WFPB is a Low Fat + High Complex Carbohydrate Diet, with an average Macro Nutrient Profile of 80% Carbohydrates, 10% Fat and 10% Protein (not that anyone is counting).

Oil is a highly processed ingredient and not promoted as WFPB.


“Minimally Processed” is defined as a process that does not removed health benefits from
a food and does not add health issues to the food.


Are you interested in the history of the term "Whole Food Plant Based" ? read more here



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